Bret Farve – The Idol of my 8-Year-Old Self

Imagine a little 3rd-grade girl, you’re probably thinking ballet and fairy princesses right, well think again. Imagem her literally obsessed with Brett Favre.

That’s right the Vikings quarterback.


I was the little girl that was always had number 4 on her jersey. And if anyone asked I why I picked number 4 would proudly exclaim because it’s Brett Favre’s number. I painted my bedroom walls purple, I had an alarming amount of Vikings t-shirts, I was obsessed.

He was my idol as a kid.



Favre was born in 1969 in Mississippi and attended the University of Southern Mississippi. He was the son of a football coach. He was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons in 1991, and later traded to the Green Bay Packers, then the Minnesota Vikings. He retired in 2010.

Favre faced humble beginnings as he was only offered a scholarship at one school, The University of Southern Mississippi. At the school, he set several records and had a toughness that his teammates admired. He was the 33rd pick in the 1991 draft.  He played averagely at the Falcons but when he was traded to the Packers his career took off. He because one of the best in the game, he lead his team so several super bowls, winning three MVP awards along the way. He was traded to the Jets where he had a subpar season, the in 2010, to the Vikings.

Why Young Me Loved Him

Now why you ask was my 8-year-old self utterly obsessed with this middle-aged man? Well watching football is something me and my dad both really enjoy, and it was watching Brett Favre play that my dad first explained the game to me.

I vividly remember lying on the floor in my living room wondering why these grown men were running into each other and yelling about it. As kids tend to, I feed my dad with a constant onslaught of questions. As a dad to only girls, he happily answered in the hopes that I would grow to love football.



Well, I did.

My dad and I still watch football together. And I’m still a Vikings fan. And Brett Favre is still my favorite player of all time.



5 Reasons why you should spend time in the woods when you’re stressed

1. People are over rated

Sick of your nosie coworkers getting all up in your business? Sick of awkward small talking? Well an easy solution is complete and total isolation! Get as far away from any other person as possible and take a visit to your local trails, walk around for a while and forget about your boss who won’t stop oversharing about his kids. Just refuse to face the cause of your stress for a little while so you can calm down

2. Nature is beautifulpexels-photo-257360

Pop your head outside your window, right now, come on. Look at that! That is stinking beautiful. Look at all that green, look at all that life! You have to appreciate that. You can’t stress when you’re surrounded by that much beauty.

3. Nature is calming

We all have sounds that stress us out, maybe it’s the nasally  breathing of the person next to you, maybe it’s the sounds or traffic, or the honking of car alarms. Well, lucky for you nature has none of these, just the relaxing hum of all the animals that dewl there. You can appreciate all of the glory nature has to offer. Like the wonderful feeling of wind gently blowing on your skin, while your hear the rustle of leaves overhead. All those stressors will fall way as you listen to the sounds of nature.

4. Sleep on your schedule

spring-tree-flowers-meadow-60006Spending a couple nights in the woods will help you revert to a nature sleep schedule so when you return to society you are able to fall asleep at night instead of laying awake in bed worrying about your day. If you are able to fall asleep well you with e able to better tackle your stressors the next day.

5. No stressors

When you’re in the woods there is no stress! There are no deadlines, no assignments, no presentations. Just you and the open air. Spending time in this stress free environment will be great for your mental health!